Amthor International’s

Vacuum Trucks

Amthor vacuum trucks are used in several applications whether its sucking up grease traps from restaurants, septic systems, car washes, water, or different types of fuels. Each vacuum tank is equipped with a pumping system that builds up a vacuum while a suction hose is used to absorb the materials of your choice. The vacuum tank also has the ability to pressure off what is in the vessel.

Amthor International Matador Non Code Vacuum Tank Truck

About Our Vacuum Trucks

Amthor International offers a variety of vacuum tankers in the Matador line, including options for code and non-code tanks with stationary or dumping and a full opening rear door.

Amthor’s latest vacuum tank option is the innovative CLAW (patent pending), a series of hydraulic arms to open and close the rear door on vacuum tanks. The CLAW eliminates the use of wing nuts along the top and sides of the tank and locks past center. Even if pressure is lost or the cylinder falls to operate, the latch will not be loosened. This ensures a much tighter seal than any human can provide manually. With the CLAW, the driver no longer has to climb 10 to 13 feet in the air to tighten the rear door. The CLAW makes our vacuum tankers safer and more convenient for the driver to operate.

Each Amthor International tank can be fully customized for your specifications with a wide variety of custom materials and options available.

Vacuum Models

Vacuum Truck Specs

  • 500 – 8,500 gallon capacity
  • Material of your choice: steel, stainless steel, aluminum
  • ASME/DOT code and non – code vacuum tanks
  • Stationary or dumping tanks with or without a full opening rear door
  • CLAW (patent pending) hydraulic door open and closure system
  • Tank and tank component heating options
  • Tank interior protection such as epoxy lining or magnesium anodes
  • Full internal head baffles with large cutouts for product flow
  • Smooth exterior finish with no external rings
  • Half baffles available for dumping tanks with a full-opening rear door (external rings are required with this option)
  • LED lighting with two rear work lights. Additional lighting options are available
  • Multiple compartments and compartment sizes available
  • Heavy – duty off – road construction options
  • Several different makes and models of vacuum pumps available
  • Numerous chassis makes and models available
  • Side troughs with hose protector and outside rub rail
  • Top 2″ pressure relief valve
  • 18″ top catwalk options are available with a railing
  • Top and rear 20″ manways. Additional manways options are available
  • Rear hose holder
  • Ladder with grip strut steps
  • Financing is available through Horizon Capital Services