Amthor Tanks

Amthor International has set the industry standard for quality tankers. All our tanks are hand crafted with superior materials. Each of our tanks is built by hand in our Virginia manufacturing plant. Fully customize your next tank with our countless tank and parts options or purchase one of our stock units. Need more buying options? Take advantage of our in house financing company, Horizon Capital Services, or lease your next unit with Amthor Lease Advantage.

What is the Amthor Difference?

Amthor International has the largest variety of tank trucks for the refined fuel, propane, septic, portable restroom and vacuum industries. Each tank is custom built right here in America by our dedicated workers. We set the industry standard in fully customizable tanker trucks. Each of our products can be fully customized to meet all of your business’ needs. We also have an array of tank options that can increase the safety and efficiency of your tank. Any combination of tank options and chassis can be made to your tanker at Amthor International.

With innovation as our foundation, Amthor International constantly strives to make cutting edge industry innovations including patents and improvements to existing products, improving employee training and education, and improving communication with customers through technology. Our extended network of dealers, distributors, and repair locations ensures quick and reliable service wherever you may be.

As a family owned and operated company, the Amthor family takes pride in each and every one of our products. That’s because every tank that rolls out of our facility bears the Amthor name. Hands on owners Butch and Brian Amthor are always available throughout every step of the process to ensure your tank is built to the highest standards.

Amthor International has everything you need under one roof. Get in house financing with our sister company Horizon Capital Services. We are able to finance your unit on the spot and offer simple, one page application with quick approvals and turnarounds. Financing is available on new and preowned units with low rates, terms up to 72 months, 100% financing, skip and seasonal payments, and other unusual and special situations.

At Amthor International, we are more than made in America. We are reliable solutions keeping you on the road.

Our Other Models

Aviation Fuel Tankers

Aviation Fuel Tankers

Amthor refined fuel tanks are used for an array of different industries. Primary uses include delivering fuel to home and commercial buildings for heating, gas stations, equipment and machinery refueling, vehicles, and aviation refueling.

Crane Body

Crane Body

Get the most out of your mobile crane truck. You can customize your next boom truck to suit your needs. All of our trucks are made out of heavy duty aluminum to ensure your boom truck works just as hard as you do.

DEF Tank

DEF Tanks

Diesel Exhaust Fluid or DEF is used in the exhaust system of a truck to break down dangerous NOx emissions into harmless nitrogen and water. All Amthor DEF tanks are completely stainless steel and are designed as a Cardinal Champion tank style of our Refined Fuel Tanker Line.

Amthor International Fire Tanker

Fire Tankers

Our fire tankers are lifesavers! Used to transport water to extinguish deadly fires, our fire tanker trucks are the most reliable on the market. Whether its a house fire, forest fire, or to get a cat out of a tree, we’ve got you covered!

Lube Van

Lube Van

The Amthor Lube Van is designed to carry multiple barrels that hold many different types of oils, lubes and fluids. Our specially designed manifold system has several hoses that pump the products from the barrels through a complete meter and hose reel system.

Propane Tank Trucks

Amthor International propane trucks keep you warm in the winter. Our trucks transport propane where it needs to be delivered for a wide range of purposes including cooking, heating, and much more.

Tanker Trailers

Tanker Trailers

Our tanker trailers are manufactured from aluminum or stainless steel and are used for the transportation of refined fuels, vacuum, potable and non-potable water up to 10,000 gallons. Tanker trailers are designed to save you time and money.

Amthor International Waste Oil Truck

Waste Oil

Amthor International waste oil trucks for can be completely customized to ensure you get the exact truck for your business. Simply choose your chassis and select all of the tank options you want. The options are endless!

Amthor International Flatbed Water Tank


Amthor waterbed tankers or well drilling rigs, deliver water to well drilling sites to cool off the drilling bits while drilling for the ground wells. Waterbed tankers carry water in the tank to the drilling sites and is dispensed accordingly and carries drill casing on the top of the body that is used once the well has been dug.