About Amthor International

Amthor International has the largest variety of tank trucks for the propane, refined fuel, portable restroom, vacuum and septic industries. Each tank is custom built right here in America by our dedicated workers. We set the industry standard in fully customizable tanker trucks. Each of our products can be fully customized to meet all of your business’ needs. We also have an array of tank options that can increase the safety and efficiency of your tank. Any combination of tank options and chassis can be made to your next tanker at Amthor International.


With innovation as our foundation, Amthor International constantly strives to make cutting edge industry innovations including patents and improvements to existing products, improving employee training and education, and improving communication with customers through technology. Our extended network of dealers, distributors, and repair locations ensures quick and reliable service wherever you may be.

As a family owned and operated company, the Amthor family takes pride in each and every one of our products. That’s because every tank that rolls out of our facility bears the Amthor name. Hands on owners Butch and Brian Amthor are always available throughout every step of the process to ensure your tank is built to the highest standards.

Amthor International has everything you need under one roof. Get in house financing with our sister company Horizon Capital Services. We are able to finance your unit on the spot and offer a simple, one page application with quick approvals and turnarounds. Financing is available on new and preowned units with low rates, terms up to 72 months, 100% financing, skip and seasonal payments, and other unusual and special situations.

At Amthor International, we are more than made in America. We are reliable solutions keeping you on the road.


  • 1928: Amthor’s first opens its doors as Ed Amthor’s Blacksmith Shop in Ellenville, NY.
  • 1942: On Ed’s 75th birthday, he shoes his last horse. The blacksmith shop closes.
  • 1943: The company is passed down to Ed’s son, William Amthor, who moves the facility to Walden, NY where he has a small welding shop.
  • 1952: William relocates across the road. Amthor’s main product is farm machinery and truck equipment.
  • 1976: William retires, passes the torch to his son Arnold “Butch” Amthor, who already has 22 years experience working for the company with his father, and his wife Alice Amthor.
  • 1980: Butch and Alice take the company to new heights by innovative manufacturing methods and marketing numerous and varied products. During this time, Butch and Alice work together as President and Vice-President, respectively.
  • 1992: Amthor opens a 47,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Gretna, Virginia where we manufacture refined fuel delivery units, fire tankers, water trucks and much more.
  • 1998: Amthor adds a 10,000 square foot addition to house their newly-revamped propane tank delivery line. The company brings its fourth generation into the company — David and Brian Amthor. David Amthor works in the New York facility as the company’s general manager. Brian heads up the marketing, sales, and public relations end of the business.
  • 1999: Amthor Incorporated is now the largest tank truck manufacturer in North America and number two in the entire world.
  • 2004: Amthor opens W.M. Amthor Trucking Company to deliver all of their manufactured products.
  • 2006: Amthor opens Horizon Capital Services to offer full financing packages to our customers
  • 2012: Amthor builds an 8,000 square foot addition to Greta facility, adds 50 additional job
  • 2014: Amthor International introduces their new (Patent Pending) hydraulic rear door opener for their vacuum tanks called “The Claw”
  • 2015: Amthor teams up with Virginia Technical Institute to create Amthor University, a 4-6 week long off – site training program for new employees consisting of various workshops for each production role.
  • 2017: We celebrate our 25th anniversary with our customers, distributors, and dealers!

Our manufacturing process

At Amthor International, our goal is to create the highest quality tanks by using the best materials on the market and a human touch by our experienced welders and craftsmen. In addition to our tank manufacturing process, we have rigorous quality control checkpoints at every stage to ensure your tank is built to the highest standards and it will last for years to come.

Fabrication Process

Step 1:

This process starts by taking a flat sheet of metal, then it is rolled to created the side shell tank shape.

Fixture - joining two sides of the tank

Step 2:

This is where the tank assembly begins. The side shell, top, floor, and interior of the tank are assembled and tacked together on a fixture model of a truck chassis.

Head Press

Step 3:
Head press

The heads and baffles of your tank are either air blown or formed with a shear and break to the specific size of your tank.

Panjirous - man with welding equipment

Step 4:

This custom designed machinery is a large rotisserie robotic welder. This welder welds all longitudinal welds on the vessels and gives a tighter weld than any human can.

Finishing tank process

Step 5:

This is the final stage of tank production process where all components are assembled on the vessels.

Tank Mounting

Step 6:

This stage is where the tank is installed on the truck chassis of your choice. Piping and equipment is installed in this stage. Pumps are tested and calibrated.

Cleaning of the tank

Step 7:

Final stage of the manufacturing process. Blemishes and imperfections are cleaned and polished at this point.

Shipping - Forklift moving tank

Step 8:

Tank is shipped to customer.