Why Buy a Crane Truck from Amthor International?

If you are in need of a crane truck – or multiple crane trucks – then you’ll find few options that are better than those available here at Amthor International. We are the biggest and most diverse tanker truck manufacturer in the country for a reason – we focus on meeting the needs of every single one of our clients. We are able to do this by providing extensive customization options for your crane truck to ensure that it can handle all of your unique needs.

Why Amthor International?

We have built a reputation for the quality of our crane trucks and crane truck accessories. Even though we have earned a reputation as the biggest tanker truck manufacturer in the North America, our reputation for product design, innovation and quality is just as strong. You’ll also be able to pride yourself in the knowledge that your crane truck will have been 100 percent manufactured in North America.

Additionally, we don’t just focus on sales. We focus on building a relationship with our clients. We make it easy for crane truck owners to stay up to date with all industry and governmental regulations in regards to the tanker truck industry.

Our Amthor International Crane Trucks

You won’t be disappointed with the quality of our crane trucks. Each one of our crane trucks is designed with heavy-duty aluminum extrusions. You can purchase the crane body fully installed or in kit form. You’ll be able to customize your crane truck in a number of ways as well. For example, you can choose different length options, different cabinet locations and sizes, different crane variations, different lift gate and crane attachments and more.

Our crane trucks also come with non-skid body floors, various load tie-down areas, an interlocking configuration and LED lighting housed in a water proof junction box.

We are one of the most respected and trustworthy tanker truck manufacturers in the country. If you’re in need of a crane truck – or multiple crane trucks – then you’ll be impressed with the quality and customization options of our crane trucks. Be sure to check out our Build Your Own Crane Body page and contact us at Amthor International for more information today.