Amthor International’s

Waste Oil Truck

Amthor International waste oil trucks for can be completely customized to ensure you get the exact truck for your business. Simply choose your chassis and select all of the tank options you want. The options are endless!


About Our Waste Oil Trucks

Amthor Oil Trucks or Waste Oil Tanks are used primarily to suck up used engine oil, cooking oil, or any other used or dirty oil. Our waste oil tanks are equipped with a pumping system that is used to suck up the oil and runs it through a filtration system. Each tank has a heavy duty filtration system and specialized tank hose troughs, automatic shut off and overfill system to ensure your oil truck is safe and easy to operate. With our own specialty designed troughs and filtration system you can rest easy knowing your next waste oil tank is safe and easy to operate.

Water Oil Truck Specs

  • Option of tank material: steel, stainless steel, and aluminum
  • Two different shaped tanks are available, Cardinal model and Monarch model
  • Multiple compartments and compartment sizes available
  • Heavy – duty off-road construction options
  • Several tank pumping, piping, and filtration options
  • Special Amthor designed waste oil troughs and filtration system
  • Tank sill hose storage with casted door
  • Rear ladder with built in drains for overturn protection
  • Numerous chassis makes and models available

Our Waste Oil Gallery