Portable Toilet

Slide In Vacuum Tank

This mini sized portable toilet tank is perfect for quick and easy potty servicing. Our slide in unit is a great entry level unit because it is the most economical slide in vacuum tank on the market. The compact size allows for easy access to remote or hard to reach areas and is great for small jobs.


Our slide in tank has a revolutionary rectangular design features a low profile allowing the driver to have visibility through the rear windshield of the pickup truck. This innovative tank shape increases safety for the driver and provides piece of mind when transporting and operating the tank. Also, since the tank has a low profile, it also has a low center of gravity making it more aerodynamic when driving and prevents sloshing while the pump is being used and the tank is being transported.

Slide In Tank Specs

• Revolutionary designed mini tank
• Rectangular design that eliminates blind spots while driving
• Safest slide in unit on the market
• Low center of gravity
• Available in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum
• Multiple sizes available starting at 300 gallons

• Multiple compartment options
• Full length baffles and bulkheads
• Angled floor for ease of product draining
• Several makes and models of pumps available
• 2” Inlet and 3” discharge
• 50’ x ó” water hose and nozzle
• 12V water pump
• 2” suction hose with wand and valve

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