Portable Toilet

Matador Flat Vacuum

Everything you ever needed out of a flat vac truck is available on our Matador Flat Vacuum. We offer customizable features as well as standard stock units so you can build the tank that best fits you and your business.


Our Matador Flat Vac portable toilet tanker has a flat tank designed to carry up to 12 potties at once, making it our most efficient portable toilet tank. With baffles every 24” and a rounded bottom, draining this tank is easy. This tank can also easily be pressurized to make it easier to clean. Its standardized features and benefits are designed to make the operator’s job that much easier. With many additional options available we have a variety of configurations that will fit your needs. This portable restroom tank is available in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Matador Flat Vacuum Specs

  • 800 – 2,000 gallon capacity
  • Available in 5/16″ aluminum, 1/4″ steel, or 1/4″ stainless steel
  • 12′ to 20′ in length
  • Multiple compartments available
  • Body can hold up to 6 to 12 portable toilets
  • Outside rub-rail with stake pockets every 36″
  • Removable side racks with e-track or solid sides are available
  • Tank headboard with screen and toe kick
  • A raised pedestal will be installed behind the headboard with a built in primary shutoff
  • 2″ site glasses for the waste compartment and a site tube for the water compartment for level indicators
  • Water and waste are both in the same tank with a double bulkhead seperating the compartments
  • Standard 3″ waste compartment and 2″ water compartment inlet. Other sizes are available
  • Standard 4″ waste compartment and 2″ water compartment outlet. Other sizes are available
  • Complete aluminum workstation on the drivers side that sits behind the cab with a hose holder, wand holder and a three-bottle holder. There is a vertical toolbox with a double-paneled, aluminum extruded door and compression latch on the curbside
  • Full internal baffles every 24″
  • Rounded tank bottom for easy product drainage
  • Numerous liftgate options
  • Tank has two 2″ pressure relief valves

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