Amthor International’s

Toilet Truck

Amthor International toilet trucks are used to service and maintain all types of portable restrooms. Our toilet trucks have a pumping system that creates a vacuum through a suction hose that is placed inside the portable restroom to vacuum out the excrement of portable toilets. Our tanks also have a water compartment that allows the toilets to be washed more thoroughly and to replace the toilet with fresh water once it is cleaned.

Amthor International Matador Flat Vac Truck

About Our Portable Toilet Trucks

Amthor International has numerous toilet truck options to service the portable toilet industry. Special features of Amthor Toilet Trucks include tank material of your choice: steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. Each portable toilet truck has options for heavy duty aluminum extruded portable restroom holder, a driver friendly workstation with dual side service options, aluminum extruded water tight toolbox doors, epoxy coated waste compartment on aluminum tanks, top 1” thick plenum that allows the waste to drop right into the tank and not against the side shell, and much more.

The Matador Flat Vac portable restroom truck is available in aluminum, steel, or stainless steel and can hold 6 to 12 portable toilets. With more customizable options available, your next portable toilet truck can be specially designed to meet your business needs.

The Matador Runabout portable restroom truck offers an 800 – 2,000 gallon capacity, no external rings, and a dropdown workstation. This toilet truck is also available in a variety of materials and customized to meet your specific needs. Stock models for both the Matador Flat Vac and Matador Runabout are for sale.

Additional tank and chassis options available. Contact us for more information.


Matador Flat Vac and Rounabout Specs

  • 800 – 2,000 gallon capacity
  • Single or dual side service
  • Single or dual side workstations
  • Numerous pump options and sizes
  • Tank interior protection options such as epoxy lining and magnesium anodes
  • Multiple compartments and compartment setting available
  • Multiple water pump and better options
  • Several hose reel and water hose options
  • Tanks available in steel, stainless steel, or aluminum
  • Multiple tank mounted or underbody toolbox options and sizes
  • Several available rear lift gate options
  • Removable or stationary side racks
  • Numerous chassis makes and models available