Propane Tank Trucks

Propane Combo

Amthor International’s Propane Combo tanker offers a special proprietary feature: a rear deck cover that protects equipment, keeping it out of the harsh elements and dry in rain or snow. This specially designed rear deck cover shields your equipment from the environment ensuring your tank and all its attachments will last longer. This enclosure has an uplifting rear door and a driver side and curbside access door. Having the best protection for your tank makes your driver’s job safer and more efficient.


Some of our specialized customizations include a bottle filling station that features a separate cabinet on the side of the tank to fill up smaller propane tanks, such as propane tanks for grillingand has a scale for precise measuring. We also offer Thermaflow tank stabilization system. As propane expands in heat, the Thermaflow system runs a coolant through a pump on the tank which cools the propane and makes it easier to pump during hot summer months. 

All of our propane tanker lines can have special customizations including custom paint jobs and lettering, hose reel covers, methanol injectors, side loading and discharge, rear loading and discharge, propane changeovers or refurbishments, multi – function remote shutdown system, cabinet options, autogas fill cabinet, fully customizable lighting, rear deck customization, and much more.

With tank sizes available up to 6500 gallons and several tank options to choose from, we can build the exact unit to suit all the needs of your business. We offer many standardized features and benefits to choose from so you get the best tank for your business.

Propane Combo Specs

  • Tanks available from 800 to 7,000 US gallons
  • Rear decks are available in aluminum, steel, or stainless steel. Modular rear decks are removable for easy replacement
  • Polished aluminum rear deck covering with an uplifting rear door and side access doors to protect all equipment that mounted on the deck. This covering is modular and can easily be removed and replaced if needed. 
  • Aluminum formed fenders are separate from rear deck
  • Deck mounted aluminum hose reel with a four way roller or Guidearm system
  • Guardrail style rear DOT approved bumper is available in steel, stainless steel or aluminum
  • Custom paint jobs are available along with a heavy duty Corlar rock guard protection on the belly of the tank to make winding and unwinding the hose easy
  • All LED tank lighting is housed in a water proof, casted aluminum junction box with vapor proof wiring. Numerous additional lighting options are available
  • Multifunction remote control shut down pump system allows for safe operation of the pump system
  • Fixed nozzle holder is available rear deck mounted or toolbox mounted 
  • All gauges and tank fills are installed in the rear head with easy access from the rear deck
  • Standard dual rear tow hooks and side suction line
  • Numerous additional tank, pumping, and metering options are available
  • All chassis makes and models are available

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