Waste Oil

Waste oil trucks are tanker trucks that are designed for the specific purpose of picking up waste oils, such as yellow grease, brown grease and motor oils. If you’re in need of waste oil tanker trucks, you’ll want to purchase them from a company that provides a number of customization options to ensure that your waste oil tanker trucks meet your specific needs. Here at Amthor International, we are one such company.

Our Amthor International Waste Oil Trucks

The quality of our waste oil truck design means that you won’t find another waste oil tanker truck that’s more efficient or driver friendly. The following are just some of the customization options that are available when it comes to purchasing a waste oil tanker at Amthor International:

  • We offer three different options when it comes to the material we build the tank out of. These options include steel, stainless steel and aluminum.
  • There are two different shaped tanks that you can choose from – the Cardinal waste oil tank and the Monarch waste oil tank.
  • You can choose to add a number of different compartments to your trucks – and you can choose from a variety of compartment sizes as well.
  • Depending on what your specific transportation needs are, we offer heavier duty off-road construction options as well.
  • You can choose from a number of different chassis makes and models.
  • You can choose from several different tank pumping, piping and filtration options.

In addition to these customizable options. All of our oil waste tankers are designed with specialized waste oil troughs and filtration systems and come with a tank sill hose storage and casted door. Last but not least, each tank has a rear ladder along with built-in drains in order to properly drain any liquid that will be in between the top overturn protection.

Choosing Amthor International

Here at Amthor International, we don’t just have a reputation for the quality and variety of our tanker trucks and tanker truck options. We are also proud to be a fourth generation family-run business that builds and manufactures all of its tankers in the United States. Our product design, quality and innovation is also the reason why we are the biggest tanker truck manufacturer in the country.

If you are in need of oil waste tanker trucks, then look no further than Amthor International. Be sure to contact us at Amthor International for more information about our waste oil trucks and our customization options.