Amthor International Vacuum Truck

Vacuum trucks are a type of tank truck that boast heavy duty vacuum pumps. This allows you to load all kinds of substances, including liquids, solids or sludge,through the vacuum pump’s suction lines. Most vacuum pumps use rotary vane vacuum pumps. Here at Amthor International, we provide our clients with a variety of vacuum trucks in the Matador line.

Our Vacuum Tank Trucks

Our vacuum trucks are part of the Matador line. We have stationary vacuum tank trucks, dumping vacuum tank trucks and full opening rear door vacuum tank trucks that you can choose from. Additionally, we have both code and non-code vacuum trucks that you can use. The following are the main differences between the two:

Code vacuum trucks – A code vacuum truck is built according to the regulations of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and is meant to be used on hazardous materials. For example, many businesses use code vacuum trucks to clean up various oils and chemicals that are deemed hazardous by the Environmental Protection Agency.

Non-code vacuum trucks – Non-code vacuum trucks are used for any materials that are safe. They cannot be used for materials that are hazardous.

Our Vacuum Tank Truck Features

Our trucks are fitted with all kinds of innovative features. For example, one of our latest innovations is the CLAW. The CLAW is a series of hydraulic arms that are used to open and close the rear door, thereby eliminating the need to use wing nuts along the sides and top of the truck. This creates a much tighter – and therefore more convenient and safer – seal.

Our Vacuum Tank Truck Options

If you need a turnkey unit, we always have vacuum tank trucks that are ready for sale. However, we can also customize a premier vacuum tank truck according to your unique specifications. We have a wide selection of custom materials and options to help build the tanker that you need.

At Amthor International, we pride ourselves on being able to handle any needs you have when it comes to our vacuum tank trucks, all while still being able to provide every one of our customers with the personalized customer service that you might expect from a smaller family owned and operated business.

Don Shaw joins the Amthor International Team

Don Shaw, former owner of Allied Tank, joins the Amthor International Team

Shaw_Don-portrait_touchedupGretna, VA, July 11, 2014 — Don Shaw, former owner of Allied Tank, Norristown, PA, has joined Amthor as a regional representative of Amthor’s refined fuel, propane, portable restroom and vacuum tank lines, today announced Brian Amthor.

Don Shaw was the owner of Allied Tank (, a third generation family owned business founded in 1946 and among the Northeastern United States’ largest suppliers of Tank Trucks for the petroleum delivery and liquid waste hauling industries. Allied Tank started out as a manufacturer, eventually selling that business when it began to distribute tanks manufactured by other companies.

“We are delighted that Don has joined Amthor,” stated Butch Amthor, EVP. “Don will bring his years of experience, outstanding customer service and relationship-building that his customer base continues to enjoy to serving Amthor’s refined fuel, propane, portable restroom and vacuum customers.

Don can be reached at 215 803 5658 or by email at

Amthor International, a fourth generation family-owned company, is the nation’s largest manufacturer of truck mounted tanks, which include uses for the vacuum and septic, portable restroom, propane, water, refined fuel, well drilling and construction industries. At their Gretna headquarters, the company operates an 86,000 square foot plant and employs over one-hundred people. Amthor International has been named to the Inc. 5000 of the fastest growing privately held companies in the US. For more information, please call Brian Amthor at 845-778-5576 or email him at