Vacuum Trucks

Vacuum TRuckWhen it comes to vacuum trucks, few tank truck manufacturers can offer the high quality, extensive features and numerous customization options that we offer here at Amthor International, which is one of the reasons we have a reputation as the country’s leading tank truck manufacturer.

Our Vacuum Trucks

First of all, we have both code and non-code vacuum trucks available depending on what your needs are. Every tank is available in steel, stainless steel or aluminum. In fact, our aluminum tanks are the heaviest built in the industry. The following are some of the features and options available for our vacuum trucks:

  • Stationary or dumping tanks built with or without full opening rear door
  • Heavy-duty off-road construction options
  • Tanks with 500 to 8,500-gallon capacity
  • Every tank comes with overturn protection, isolation valves, spill dams and top Girard vents.
  • Several different vacuum pump makes and models are available
  • Choose from several chassis makes and models
  • Choose from several tank interior protection options, such as magnesium anodes or epoxy lining
  • Choose from several tank and tank component heating options.

Our Vacuum Truck Claw Feature

Our vacuum tanks come with a number of useful features and customization options, but one of the options that makes our vacuum trucks far and away the best designed in the country is the “Claw” option.

The Claw is a feature consisting of a number of hydraulic arms that was designed to help the rear door on our vacuum trucks operate more safely. The Claw eliminates the need to use wing nuts along the top and sides of the vacuum truck since the driver will be able to release the door or pull it closed using a lever, which creates a tighter seal than possible through manual operation.

The use of the Claw helps to increase the safety of the driver since they will no longer have to climb up the tank to tighten down the rear door. Our Claw feature is designed so that it locks past center and so that the latch will not be loosened, even if pressure of the tank is lost or the cylinder doesn’t operate. Additionally, the use of the Claw could help save money on repairs caused by improper operation.

For more information about our vacuum trucks, the customization options that are available or about our unique Claw feature, be sure to contact us at Amthor International today.

Options for Customizing Flat Vacuum Trucks

If your business is in need of a single flat vacuum truck or multiple flat vac trucks, then we’ve got you covered here at Amthor International. We pride ourselves in treating every customer equally, no matter what their needs might be. In fact, we are the go-to flat vac truck supplier for many businesses due to not just the quality of our trucks, but the customization options that we offer.

Our Matador Flat Vacuum Trucks

Our Matador Flat Vac tanker is the most efficient portable toilet tank truck that we carry, and one of the most efficient on the market. It was designed to carry upwards of 12 portable toilets at a time. We designed it with baffles every 24″ as well as a rounded bottom, which makes draining the tank easy to do. Additionally, you’ll have no trouble pressurizing the tank to make it easier to clean.

Other standard features include a tank headboard with screen and toe kick, 2″ site glasses for the truck’s waste compartment, a complete aluminum workstation located behind the cab on the driver’s side that contains a hose holder, a three-bottle holder and a wand holder, a vertical toolbox on the curbside and much more.

Flat Vac Truck Customization Options

We offer a number of different ways that you can customize your flat vac truck to meet your specific needs. The following are just a few of our customization options:

  • You can choose from 800 to 2,000-gallon capacity
  • The flat vac is available in aluminum, steel or stainless steel
  • You can choose to include multiple compartments
  • Lengths of 12′ to 20′ are available
  • You can choose to have solid sides or to add removable side racks with an e-track
  • You can choose from various waste compartment and water compartment inlet sizes, including standard 3″ waste compartment and 2″ water compartment inlet
  • You can choose from various waste compartment and water compartment outlet sizes, including standard 4″ waste compartment and 2″ water compartment inlet
  • You can choose from various liftgate options

For more information about our Matador Flat Vacuum trucks or for advice regarding what customization options will best suit your specific needs, be sure to contact us at Amthor International today.