Amthor International Toilet Truck

The portable toilet industry is one that is consistently stable. Businesses always need portable toilets for their outdoor events. Some businesses need portable toilets for their workers – for example, construction businesses. Either way, if you’re in the portable toilet industry, you’re going to need toilet trucks in order to safely and effectively deliver and pick up your portable toilet units. Here at Amthor International, we provide toilet trucks that will meet your specific needs.

Our Toilet Trucks

We have two different toilet trucks to choose from depending on what your needs are. These are the Matador Flat Vacuum and the Matador Runabout.

The Matador Flat Vacuum – Our Matador Flat Vacuum tanker truck can hold between six and 12 portable toilets. It’s available in a number of materials, including steel, stainless steel or aluminum, depending on what your customization needs are.

The Matador Runabout – Our Matador Runabout toilet truck provides 800 to 2,000 gallon capacity as well as a drop down work station. No external rings are needed for this model truck. Like the Matador Flat Vacuum, the Matador Runabout is available in a number of materials.

As far as tanker truck purchases go, many businesses look to us at Amthor International as a one-stop shop location. Not only can you purchase toilet trucks from our single location, you can also obtain financing through our ppartner Horizon Capital Services and can purchase parts as well to help keep your toilet trucks on the road.

For more information about our toilet trucks, be sure to contact us at Amthor International today.