My job takes me to far-flung places in my 8-state territory. I travel to the coolest little towns and big cities. I meet the most interesting customers every day. The job is not really a job at all, but a way of life, and that what makes it so fascinating.
My experience drawing up tanks and trucks and working in Parts. and being around Butch has given me the expertise I need to meet customers and find out what their industry-specific needs are. This helps me to identify the key elements of their design, and helps me quote the right tank and equipment for their business needs.

About Joey

Joey first met Butch Amthor in August of 1976 when he was just out of junior college with a freshly minted degree in Architectural Design. In his first job interview with Butch, Joey proudly laid out the house designs and floor plans for him to see. He came inside from being under an oil truck doing repairs. His hands were covered with grease. He remarked, “I could care less about any of this; can you draw a fire truck ?.” Needless to say Joey was mortified.
That was the start of a 30-year career with the Amthor family, having worked under Butch as a draftsman for many years. Joey has also worked as a fire truck salesman in New England and in the Parts Dept. for the Amthors. Joey’s role in Amthor International has changed over the years from an oil, propane, water truck, and vacuum tank salesman to recently being promoted to the Northeast Regional Sales Manager for Amthor International in Virginia.

Joey Says…

“It has been said that the success of top salespeople is due to their winning attitude. I believe that; and I believe that only a small percentage is due to aptitude. Successful salespeople are sure of themselves. They have an enthusiastic attitude toward life. Successful salespeople know their products they are selling. Best of all they listen to what their customers are saying.
Successful salespeople develop a positive self-image of themselves. They begin to develop the skills and sales mannerisms of the successful salespeople around them. For me it was former Amthor salesmen like George Lockwood, Steve Lovaty, Monty Stover and Stan Compton. I spent a lot of time around these guys and watched them talk, and get into the heads of their customers, and almost always close the deal before they went home for the day.
Once you have enhanced your self-image, it is time to begin prospecting your territory! You must identify who your customers are, where they are located, and why they buy the types of products they buy. I do this by looking up lists of industry-specific names for a given geographical area. Remember that customers aren’t always interested in buying products or services; they’re also looking for ways to solve company problems or improve company performance. Your job as a salesman is to know very clearly and precisely what solutions your product does for them. That is key to gaining the confidence of your customer and trust toward you as a salesperson. Listen to what your customer has to say.
Your next job is to convince your customer they will be better off after they have bought your product. Show them you have a top-class product at a competitive price, and good delivery, too. Do this and selling will become easy. Do it every day and you will be pleased with the results.”

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Joey Dicioccio

Joey Dicioccio

Northeast Regional Sales Manager

(845) 778-5576 
“Anybody can sell you a tank truck; I will sell you the right tank and truck for your business needs”

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