Amthor International propane trucks keep you warm in the winter. Our trucks transport propane where it needs to be delivered for a wide range of purposes including cooking, heating, and much more. We offer more models of propane trucks than any other manufacturer. All of our models are fully customizable which means your next propane tank is tailored to your specific needs. No more cookie cutter tanks!
Amthor International offers three propane models to choose from, the Propane Combo, Propane Clipper, and Propane Bobtail. We offer a wide variety of custom materials and options so your next propane truck can be tailor made to suit your needs. All of our tanks are designed to make the driver’s job safer and more efficient. Specialized painting options, heavy duty aluminum extruded rear deck, heavy duty aluminum guardrail style rear bumper, tanks available up to 6000 gallons, and many more options are available.

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Overview of Propane Truck Specs

  • Tanks available from 800 to 7,000 US gallons
  • Rear decks are available in aluminum, steel, or stainless steel.
  • All LED tank lighting is housed in a water proof, casted aluminum junction box with vapor proof wiring. Numerous additional lighting options are available
  • Custom paint jobs are available along with a heavy duty Corlar rock guard protection on the belly of the tank
  • Numerous additional tank, pumping, and metering options are available
  • All chassis makes and models are available
  • Rear DOT approved aluminum, steel and stainless steel bumper
  • Multifunction remote control shut down pump system allows for safe operation of the pump system
  • Standard dual rear tow hooks and side suction line
  • Aluminum formed jeep style fenders are separate from the rear deck
  • Deck mounted aluminum hose reel has a four way roller or guide arm system to make winding and unwinding the hose easy

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