Short on time? Need immediate delivery? We have stock Toilet Trucks and Vacuum Trucks available. You can drive your next tanker home today and be on the road tomorrow.
Choose from one of our stock Portable Toilet Trucks and get on the road sooner! We have many tank styles to choose from and many chassis options available. Or you can fully customize your next tanker. Options include heavy duty aluminum extruded portable restroom holder, a driver friendly workstation with dual side service options, aluminum extruded water tight toolbox doors, epoxy coated waste compartment on aluminum tanks, top 1” thick plenum that allows the waste to drop right into the tank and not against the side shell, and much more.
Your next Vacuum Truck is waiting for you. We are constantly adding to our stock inventory and have lots of trucks ready to go today. Not in a rush? You can also fully customize your next vacuum truck. Options include code and non code tanks, pumping systems, material of your choice, compartment size, chassis make and model, and much much more!

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Overview of Specs

Toilet Trucks

  • 800 – 2,000 gallon capacity
  • Single or dual side service
  • Single or dual side workstations
  • Numerous pump options and sizes
  • Tank interior protection options such as epoxy lining and magnesium anodes
  • Multiple compartments and compartment sizes available
  • Multiple water pump and better options available
  • Several hose real and water hose options
  • Multiple tank mounted or underbody toolbox options and sizes

Vacuum Trucks

  • Material of your choice: steel, stainless steel, aluminum
  • ASME/DOT code and non – code vacuum tanks
  • Stationary or dumping tanks with or without a full opening rear door
  • CLAW (patent pending) hydraulic door open and closure system
  • Tank and tank component heating options
  • Tank interior protection such as epoxy lining or magnesium anodes
  • Multiple compartments and compartment sizes available
  • Heavy – duty off – road construction options
  • Several different makes and models of vacuum pumps available
  • Numerous chassis makes and models available

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