Information for Vacuum Tank Owners

Vacuum Tank Operations and Maintenance

Vacuum Tank Maintenance and Operations Manual

Information for Refined Fuel Tank Owners

Refined Fuel Tank Operations and Maintenance

General Refined Fuel Tank Maintenance
Operation Manual: Amthor Refined Fuel Tanks

Installation Guides: Amthor Refined Fuel Tanks

Delivery Door

Combo Rear Side Delivery Door Installation


Bolt On Aluminum Fender Brackets
Rear Fender Installation with Bolt On Brackets
Rear Fender Installation with Weld On Brackets
Tandem and Tri-Axle Fender Center Support
Tandem Fender Center Brace
Weld On Aluminum Fender Brackets

Hose Reel

Four Way Hose Roller Rack Installation
Hose Reel Button Assembly
Hose Reel Button Tank Model Install
Hose Reel Cover Installation

Hose Storage

Hose Trough Installation
Hose Tube Installation


Front Ladder Installation
Rear Aircraft Cable Step Installation
Rear Ladder Installation
Ladder with Integral Drains Installation

Meter Box

Dual and Single Meter Box Base Installation
Meter Spit Tank Installation

Placard Holders

Placard Holder Installation
DOT Plate Installation

Tie Downs

Bolt-On Tie Down Installation
Bolt-On Tie Down Rear ICC Bracket

Wiring Diagrams

Front Junction Box Wiring Diagram
Champion Model Rear Junction Box
Combo Model Rear Junction Box
Model Rear Junction Box