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Amthor International toilet trucks are used to service and maintain all types of portable restrooms. Our toilet trucks have a pumping system that creates a vacuum through a suction hose that is placed inside the portable restroom to vacuum out the excrement of portable toilets. Our tanks also have a water compartment that allows the toilets to be washed more thoroughly and to replace the toilet with fresh water once it is cleaned.

About our Portable Toilet Trucks

When it comes to servicing portable restrooms Amthor International has numerous portable toilet truck options. From the entry level slide in unit to the round portable restroom tank trucks, we have something that will fit everyone’s need and budget. Each product comes with several options that will allow you to customize it to your own personal needs and if you want something special, just let us know.

We stock all makes and models of vacuum pumps, water pumps and every major component that is required on a portable toilet truck. We also stock every make and model of truck chassis for you to choose from that are loaded with options. If you want a special color or paint job, we can do that too.

We pride ourselves on being a complete one-stop shop for all your portable toilet truck needs. Whether is a stock unit or something unique we can do it all. If you need to finance your next purchase, we can do that too. Give us a call today to learn more and let Amthor International be your destination for a new portable restroom tank truck.

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Toilet Line Details


Matador Flat Vacuum Tank Style

  • 12′ to 20′ in length (Body can hold up to 6 to 12 portable toilets)
  • Outside rub-rail with stake pockets every 36″
  • Removable side racks with e-track or solid sides are available
  • Tank headboard with screen and toe kick
  • A raised pedestal will be installed behind the headboard with a built in primary shutoff
  • 2″ site glasses for the waste compartment and a site tube for the water compartment for level indicator
  • Water and waste are both in the same tank with a double bulkhead separating the compartments
  • Standard 3″ waste compartment and 2″ water compartment inlet. Other sizes are available
  • Standard 4″ waste compartment and 2″ water compartment outlet. Other sizes are available
  • Complete aluminum workstation on the drivers side that sits behind the cab with a hose holder, wand holder and a three-bottle holder. There is a vertical toolbox with a double-paneled, aluminum extruded door and compression latch on the curbside
  • Full internal baffles every 24″
  • Rounded tank bottom for easy product drainage
  • Numerous liftgate options
  • Tank has two 2″ pressure relief valves
  • Tank and tank component heating options
Matador Roundabout

Matador Roundabout Tank Style

  • Smooth exterior finish with no external rings and full head baffles
  • Aluminum extruded fold-up or stationary steel portable toilet holder
  • All lighting is to be LED with two rear work lights (Additional lighting options are available)
  • Multiple compartments available
  • Top 3/4″ thick casted aluminum waste compartment inlet (Aluminum tanks)
  • Epoxy lined waste, chemical and salt/brine water compartments
  • Magnesium anodes installed in the fresh water compartment
  • Drop-down workstation with toolboxes
  • Wraparound troughs with an outside rub-rail
  • Top 1 1/2″ pressure relief valve
  • Rear “T” bar with TREX for a potty cushion
  • Numerous product level indicator options
  • Casted aluminum steps to the top of the tank
  • Top 20″ manway with an integrated primary shutoff with a stainless steel ball and cage
  • Dual side service option
Slide in Vacuum Tank

Slide in Vacuum Tank Style

  • Revolutionary designed mini tank
  • Rectangular design that eliminates blind spots while driving
  • Safest slide in unit on the market
  • Low center of gravity
  • Available in steel, stainless steel, and aluminum
  • Multiple sizes available starting at 300 gallons
  • Multiple compartment options
  • Full length baffles and bulkheads
  • Angled floor for ease of product draining
  • Several makes and models of pumps available
  • 2” Inlet and 3” discharge
  • 50’ x ó” water hose and nozzle
  • 12V water pump
  • 2” suction hose with wand and valve

Portable Restroom Trailer

    • 1,000 Aluminum Amthor International three compartment vacuum tank.
      • Compartment #1 – 200 Gallons of fresh water
      • Compartment #2 – 600 Gallons of waste
      • Compartment #1 – 200 Gallons of fresh water
    • Top 20” manway with an integrated primary shut off and a 2” pressure relief valve
    • Dual side service with (2) top 3” inlets.  Each inlet will have a short 3” hose to a 3” x 2” valve to a 2” x 30 suction hose with wand and valve
    • A 4” waste compartment discharge line with a 4” brass valve with coupler and cap
    • Dual hose hooks on each tank head
    • Two 5” Site glasses for the waste compartment and a site tube for each water compartment
    • A top 3” fill and 1” vent will be installed in each water compartment
    • A bottom 2” discharge for each water compartment.  A 2” bucket fill line will be installed for each water compartment
    • Two “T” Bar’s with Trex for portable restroom stability
    • Numerous water and vacuum pump options available
    • Four LED work lights
    • Two complete boat winches with a hook and strap
    • Painted steel 14,000 GVW tandem axle trailer 20’ deck length (25’ tip to tip)
    • Adjustable trailer tongue with a single landing gear
    • Four-wheel braking system with a breakaway system
    • Trailer can hold up to (6) standard portable restrooms or (4) standard and (1) ADA compliant portable restrooms
    • Front vertical aluminum two door cabinet with extruded doors and lighting (Cabinet accessible from either side).  Three shelves in cabinet.  Four bottle holder in cabinet
    • Painted steel rims with ST235/80R16 tires

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