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Tanker Trailers

Our tanker trailers are manufactured from aluminum or stainless steel and are used for the transportation of refined fuels, vacuum, potable and non-potable water up to 10,000 gallons. Tanker trailers are designed to save you time and money because you can carry a large amount of liquid at one time versus carrying with smaller vessels.

Amthor offers tankers trailers with heavy duty construction options, several suspension options, tank material options, trailer size options, and several layout options. We can build a fully customizable tanker trailer of the highest standards to exceed your expectations.

Tank Trailers

Line Specs

Tanker Trailers

  • Available in either Cardinal or Monarch model tanks
  • Trailer can be built up to 12,000 gallons
  • Can be constructed for refined fuels, potable/non-potable water and vacuum
  • Available in steel, stainless steel and 5454-H32 Hi-Brite Aluminum
  • Numerous different suspension and tank options are available
  • Multiple compartments and compartment sizes are available
  • Several customizable tank and appearance options are available
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