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DEF Nested Tank

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DEF Truck Mounted Tank

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DEF Cabinet mounted system

DEF Tank Line

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tankers

Due to the change in emission requirements over the past several years, all new diesel truck chassis are requiring the additional additive DEF or Diesel Exhaust Fluid to help break down dangerous emissions.  Amthor International has developed and is now manufacturing complete DEF delivery tank trucks with the same tank model and styles that you would find in our refined fuel tank truck line.  From numerous equipment and pumping options to several different types of DEF dispensing system options we have a product that will fulfill anyone’s needs.  Give us a call today to learn more about what we have to offer for any and all of your DEF delivery requirements.

DEF Tank

DEF Tank Details

DEF Tank

  • Complete 304B stainless steel construction with multiple polish grade options 
  • All DEF tanks are available in both our Monarch and Cardinal model tanks as well as all five rear canopy options 
  • Heated and insulated tank and cabinet option
  • All tank lighting will be LED with vapor-proof wiring 
  • Several different DEF system options from a nested tank with an aluminum refined fuel tank, side/rear cabinet mounted DEF tank and pumping system or a complete DEF tank truck
  • All pumping and metering equipment and tank piping will be stainless steel
  • A complete DEF filtration system will be installed on all pumping equipment
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