New Machine Increases Efficiency of Tank Production

Introducing: The SweBend Roll Machine—Amthor International’s newest plant machinery! All the way from Sweden, the SweBend machine uses advanced engineering to bend sheets of metal with tremendous force that reduces the flat ends to a bare minimum.


Here at Amthor, we know the importance of saving our customers downtime and money. That’s why we manufacture, in a time-efficient manner, tanker trucks of the highest quality. This machinery brings tremendous value to our company and our manufacturing plant in Gretna, Virginia.

The SweBend Roll Machine:

  • Increases the quality of Amthor tanks
  • Increases the efficiency of production
  • Increases safety within our plant and for our employees

The SweBend Roll Machine was a two-year time investment including the time it took to purchase it, deliver it, and train employees how to handle it. As the machine quickly becomes a cornerstone in our production process, the SweBend proves to be well worth the investment for both our employees and our customers.

SweBend is a Swedish company located in Hässleholm, Sweden. Their team of engineers and mechanics design state-of-the-art machinery in the field of bending and forming metal. This SweBend Roll Machine has operator friendly controls and offers the strongest available shafts on the market. It also has the highest drive torque and rotation speed, which helps minimize cycle time and maximize quality output. Needless to say, we are excited about this new machinery in our plant and our ability to manufacture higher quality tanker trucks that save you downtime and money.