Need to Customize a Tanker Truck?

If you need a new tanker truck for your business, then there’s no manufacturer as reputable or well regarded as Amthor International. It doesn’t matter what type of tanker truck you’re looking for – odds are, we have it. Our selection of tanker trucks include fire tankers, propane tank trucks, aviation fuel tankers, toilet trucks, crane bodies, waste oil trucks, waterbeds, water tanks, vacuum tanks and more. But what makes our selection of tanker trucks so much more superior than those of the competition is the customization options that we offer.

Our Tanker Truck Customization Options

Our goal is to make sure that whatever type of tanker truck you need, that you’ll be able to get one from Amthor International that fits your specifications. If you just need a basic model, then you can purchase one of our floor units or one of our pre-owned units. However, if your business has specific needs that have to be met with specific functions or features, odds are we’ll be able to help you.

We allow our clients to customize their tanker trucks to their specs. There is a wide selection of customization options available, from tank sizes to the number and size of the tanker’s compartments to the material used to manufacture the tanker. Most of our tankers have a Build Your Own page that allows you to go through the various options available for each type of tanker. You can practically customize everything down to the painting and lettering of the tanker!

One thing that pleases our clients about the ability to customize their tanker trucks is that no matter what type of customization options they choose, their tanker truck order will be 100 percent manufactured on American soil – which means that you’ll be ensuring that your money goes into the American economy instead of overseas.

If you have any questions regarding our tanker truck customization options, please feel free to contact us at Amthor International today. We work closely with every one of our clients in order to identify what their specific needs are and to determine how we can meet those needs.