Junior Tank Models

When it comes to fuel tanks, you won’t find nearly as many options anywhere else than at Amthor International. We offer two main types of fuel tank trucks – the Cardinal and the Monarch. Each one of these models comes in seven different styles, including our junior tank models.

Our Junior Tank Models

Both our Monarch Junior Tank Style and our Cardinal Junior Tank Style are built for under CDL chassis and come with tanks available in upwards of 1,200 gallons. These smaller fuel tank trucks are perfect for businesses that require on-site refueling and come packed with features as well as customizable options. Versions of the Monarch and the Cardinal Junior Tank models built to carry refined fuels meet all DOT-406 regulations as well.

Junior Tank Specifications

Some of the features that come with both the Monarch and the Cardinal models include the following:

  • Dished and flanged tank heads and baffles
  • Crossmembers at all heads and baffles
  • LED lighting designed with vapor-proof wiring
  • Jeep style fenders
  • Sides and top of the tank at .190
  • Five to seven year warranties available
  • Top and front rear drains

It’s also worth noting that the Monarch Junior Tank is semi-rectangular in shape.

Junior Tank Customization Options

In addition to coming with numerous features, both the Monarch Junior Tank and Cardinal Junior Tank can be customized to fit the unique needs of each one of our clients. The following are just a few of the many customization options that are available:

  • Choose from steel, stainless steel and hi-brite aluminum material
  • Choose from a 1/4 inch or 5/17 inch tank floor
  • Choose from V or L shaped tank sills
  • Choose from multiple compartment sizes
  • Choose from five different tank styles
  • Choose from numerous tank options

There are a lot of benefits to choosing our Amthor International Junior Tank models. Not only are they built with numerous features, but they are fully customizable as well. Not to mention that the lower center of gravity and compact size may fit your company’s needs than some of the larger models that we offer.

For more information about our line of Junior Tank Trucks and for advice on how you can customize it to fit your particular needs, be sure to contact us at Amthor International today.