Imagination Meets Innovation

Here at Amthor, we take pride in creating solutions for our customers; we know not all needs are the same. In this case, a customer named Chris explained that his new septic pumping business, Septic Solutions located in Greer, SC, would also service small restaurants by pumping out their grease traps for proper disposal.

Chris was facing several significant dilemmas. First, he needed to figure out how to pump the grease traps using a 55-gallon drum vacuum cleaner to avoid pulling a long pumper truck hose through a restaurant. Then, without hauling a trailer behind him, how could he transport it on his 2500-gallon vacuum tanker truck without compromising any operations or functions of his tanker truck.

Many “like businesses” typically strap the 55-gallon vacuum drum to the front of their tanker trucks. For safety reasons, this wasn’t our solution. Amthor International’s team designed a liftgate carriage built onto the tanker truck’s rear driver side (seen in the photo). The vacuum liftgate holds up to 1500 pounds! With the simple switch of a button, the liftgate raises and lowers. The portable 55-gallon vacuum drum is attached to a dolly for easy navigation, which allows our customer to clean out grease traps in a time-saving manner and without any heavy lifting.

This innovation enables Chris’s business to be more successful and tackle two separate services with one tank truck.

The truck shown in the photos is a 2020 F-750 Vacuum Unit designed for our customer’s needs. This tanker is equipped with a Fruitland RCF-500 Vacuum Pump and has all heated columns.

Check out this video to hear Chris introduce his new vacuum carriage.