Fuel Tanks – Amthor’s Emphasis on Safety

If you’re looking for new fuel tankers to add to your fleet, you won’t find better options anywhere else than at Amthor International. Not only do we offer the highest quality fuel tankers in the country, we allow for full customization in order to make sure that our fuel tankers meet your company’s specific needs. Additionally, you’ll find that our fuel tankers boast state of the art features not found anywhere else, such as our air operated railings.

Our Air Operated Railings

Here at Amthor International, we keep ourselves up to date with all the latest technology and fuel tanker features and designs. We do this in order to make sure that we offer the types of features that you want for your fuel tankers. We also do this so that we can constantly innovate our fuel tanker designs and features. Why are we so focused on innovation? Because we understand that innovation is what leads to improvements in function, cost and even safety. Case in point – our air operated railings.

One of our most popular fuel tank features of the last couple of years is our air operated aluminum railing system. There’s always been a bit of a safety risk for drivers of fuel tankers, especially when it came to walking on top of the tank itself. The air operated railing system will help to improve the safety of your drivers when they need to get up onto the tank. This is because your drivers will be forced to raise and lower the railings before they climb onto the top of or off of the tank.

The way our air operated railing system works is that a panel is installed in the middle of the ladder used to climb on top of the tank. When the panel is opened, the air switch will automatically raise the railings. In order to climb up the ladder, the driver will have to open the panel. When climbing down the ladder, the driver will have to close it to get down, which in turn will cause the railings to come back down.

If you want to reduce the safety risk of your drivers, then you should consider adding our air operated aluminum railing system when customizing your Amthor International fuel tankers. For more information about the features available on our fuel tankers and tanker trucks, be sure to contact us at Amthor International.