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Ready to Get Dumped?!

You have been on the road for hours making dump deliveries when your potty truck runs out of gas. You only have a few items to create new fuel for your truck, an old container and the dumps from the porta potties. You have created a turbo boost system to power your truck, but you still have a long road ahead.

To get the job done you must deliver your dump to the transfer station, but don’t drop your potties! Watch out for the obstacles that come your way and be sure to collect the power boast to an even faster delivery. Become the best Dump Driver while you move through various worlds and power through whatever is thrown your way!

Try not to lose your load while you play Dump-n-Drive!

Start Dumping!

Don’t wait any longer! Your potties need you! Download Dump-n-Drive and start making your deliveries. The longer you wait, the bigger your load. How many potties can you deliver?

Why We Made Dump-n-Drive

We wanted to create a fun way to spread the word about our tanks. Dump-n-Drive lets you get into the mind of a potty truck driver in the imaginary world filled with obstacles and challenges to overcome. This game puts a childlike spin on our industry and we want everyone to have fun playing a potty truck driver!

Our FlatVac tanker was the model for this game. Do you want to own a real life truck just like the one in Dump-n-Drive? Check out what we have in stock or customize your own tank today!

Dump-n-Drive created by:

  • Sheila Gilday
  • Erica Cerulli
  • Tyler Walker
  • Sierra Littrell
  • Kevin Newman