DEF Tanks

One of the things that we pride ourselves on here at Amthor International is the amount of work we put into ensuring that all of our tanker trucks are as safe as possible. We continuously put effort into researching innovative new safety features to offer to our customers. For example, if you need a refined fuel tanker and want to make sure that it’s as safe as possible, we recommend our DEF (Diesel Exhaust Fluid) tanks.

Our DEF Tanks

DEF is a non-hazardous solution that consists of 67.5 percent deionized water and 32.5 percent urea. If you choose to use a DEF tank for your refined fuel tanker, the solution will be added into the exhaust stream of the tanker. This results in the dangerous NOx emissions breaking down into harmless water and nitrogen.

We offer our DEF tanks in our Monarch or Cardinal Champion tank style. All of the DEF tanks are built out of 100 percent stainless steel as well and can be fitted with or without insulation, depending on what your specific needs are. We can even heat the tank upon request. As far as delivering the DEF solution goes, we have a number of DEF delivery systems that you can choose from, including complete tank trucks, DEF carts, and skid units.

DEF Tank Specifications

The following are a few of the features that come with our DEF tanks:

  • You can choose from a tank capacity of 500 to 4,000 gallons
  • You can choose a stainless steel tank in either #2, #4 or #7 polished material
  • The baffle openings are offset to help prevent sloshing
  • There are crossmembers present at all heads and baffles
  • You can choose from numerous stainless steel pumping and metering equipment options
  • The tank is outfitted with Betts LED lighting
  • The rear polished aluminum bumper is DOT approved
  • You can choose from five rear canopy options

If you need a refined fuel tanker for your business, then you should consider one of our DEF tanks. For more information about our DEF tanks or for information about our refined fuel tankers and customization options in general, be sure to contact us at Amthor International today.