Amthor International’s

DEF Tanks

Diesel Exhaust Fluid or DEF is used in the exhaust system of a truck to break down dangerous NOx emissions into harmless nitrogen and water. All Amthor DEF tanks are completely stainless steel and are designed as a  Cardinal Champion tank style of our Refined Fuel Tanker Line. Our DEF tanks are available with or without insulation and can be heated if requested. We offer several different types of DEF delivery systems from complete tank trucks to skid units and DEF carts.

DEF Tank

DEF Tank Specs

  • 500 – 4,000 Gallon capacity
  • Complete 304B (stainless steel construction) in either #2, #4 or #7 polished material
  • Available in either Monarch or Cardinal Tank Models with all five rear canopy options
  • Crossmembers at all heads and baffles
  • Offset baffle openings to prevent sloshing
  • Heated and insulated tank option
  • All pumping and metering equipment is to be stainless construction with numerous available options
  • All lighting is to be Betts LED
  • DOT approved rear polished aluminum bumper