Crane Truck

Crane trucks are invaluable for construction businesses due to their ability to suspend or move multi-ton loads at work sites. Because of their inherent purpose, it’s important to invest in crane trucks that are durable, safe, easy to use, convenient and reliable – all of which our Amthor International crane trucks are.

Our Amthor International Crane Trucks

Here at Amthor International, we’ve fostered a reputation for providing the highest quality crane trucks in the area. This is because we focus on providing exactly what our clients want and need. All of our crane trucks are built using heavy-duty aluminum extrusions and come with the following features:

  • An interlocking configuration
  • A non-skid body floor to ensure the safety of the user
  • LED lighting housed in a water proof junction box that is built in using vapor proof wiring.

Our Crane Truck Customization Options

In order to meet the unique needs of each and every one of our clients, we provide the ability to customize your crane truck in the following ways:

  • The bottle body can be purchased already installed or in kit form.
  • The length, height and width of the body can be customized.
  • A lift gate can be installed.
  • Side racks can be installed.
  • Cabinets can be installed.
  • The number and location of the cabinets can be customized.
  • Shelving can be installed in the cabinets.
  • The chasis can be brand new or it can be purchased pre-owned.
  • You can supply your own chassis supply or we can supply it for you.
  • You can add various crane attachments.

If you need one or more crane trucks, then there are few other companies that will provide you with the wealth of customizable options as Amthor International.