Amthor’s Propane Trucks Are Designed For Safety

Here at Amthor International, we’ve earned a reputation as being a leader of innovation within the tanker truck industry. We are constantly improving on our tanker truck designs and features to the benefit of our customers. Take for example our propane trucks. We offer our customers the ability to fully customize our propane trucks in order to meet the unique needs of their business. Some of these customization options, such as our partial rear canopies, can improve the operation and safety of your propane truck as well.

Our Partial Rear Canopy Propane Clipper Tank Trucks

On our Propane Clipper tank model we have a partial rear canopy installed on the back of the tank which covers and protects all the equipment in the rear and allows you to not have your back to oncoming traffic.

The following are a couple of the benefits that you can enjoy when you purchase an Amthor Propane Clipper:

  • Improve the protection of your truck – A partial canopy will help to protect all of your fittings and equipment, thereby preventing the elements from wearing them down as well as protecting them from any other type of damage that might occur. This can help reduce the need for costly repairs over the propane truck’s lifetime.
  • Working in front of the rear bumper – With this design you are working in front of the rear bumper not behind it so it will protect you from oncoming traffic.
  • Inverted Hose Reel – With an inverted hose reel you are pulling your hose out on an angle and therefore causing less stress on your back then from a standard deck mounted reel where you have to pull it straight out. Also pulls out a lot easier as well.

These are a few of the benefits you’ll enjoy with a an Amthor Propane Clipper. For information about our propane trucks – or our tanker trucks in general – be sure to contact us at Amthor International.