Amthor International Introduces The Claw

Amthor’s innovation for rear door operation on vacuum tanks will be introduced at the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo on Tuesday, Feb 25, 10:00am

Amthor-theClaw-finalAmthor International will introduce The CLAW (patent pending), a series of hydraulic arms to open and close the rear door on vacuum trucks, eliminating the use of wing nuts along the top and sides. The CLAW will be unveiled at the Amthor booth (#4327) at the Pumper & Cleaner Environmental Expo, Indianapolis, IN on Tuesday, Feb 25, 10:00am. Additional demonstrations will also be conducted throughout the trade show.

“No longer does the driver have to climb ten to thirteen feet in the air to tighten down the rear door,” explains Brian Amthor, VP, Marketing. “All he has to do is pull a lever and the arms extend and reach out to release or pull the door in which will ensure a much tighter seal than any human can provide manually. The CLAW locks past center and even if pressure is lost or the cylinder falls to operate, the latch will not be loosened.”


Amthor’s CLAW design can be used on any code or non-code vacuum tank and is available mid-first quarter of 2014. The increase in cost over the standard wing nut design is minimal. The CLAW increases driver safety and saves money on unnecessary tank repairs due to incorrect operation. For more information on this innovation please contact Brian Amthor at

Amthor International, a fourth generation family-owned company, is the nation’s largest and most diverse manufacturer of truck mounted tanks, which include uses for the refined fuel, propane, mining, vacuum and septic, portable restroom, water, well drilling, and construction industries. The company has grown from a 1928 blacksmith shop in Ellenville, N.Y., to its two locations today. At their Gretna headquarters, the company operates an 86,000 square foot plant and employs over one hundred people. Amthor International has been named to the Inc. 5000 of the fastest growing privately held companies in the US.

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