Air Railing

Here at Amthor International, we are proud to be the biggest and most diverse tanker truck manufacturer in the country. We’ve achieved this status by focusing on not just building the highest quality tanker trucks available, but ensuring that each one of our clients’ needs are met. Additionally, we’ve earned a reputation for our continuous innovation and our dedication to safety. In fact, we are always researching new and improved ways to make our tankers safer than ever. One of the most popular safety features that we offer for our refined fuel tanks are the air railings.

Air Railing Safety Feature

One of the risks that’s inherent in most fuel tanker trucks is the risk of walking across the tank itself. We make our fuel tankers safer for drivers to get on top of by installing air railings, which are top air operated. The way they work is simple – the driver of the tank will be forced to either raise or lower the railings before climbing on or off of the tank.

The railings will be automatically raised whenever the panel installed in the middle of the ladder is opened. Basically, whenever the driver needs to climb up the ladder to get to the top of the tank, they will be forced to open the panel, which in turn will automatically raise the aluminum safety railings. The only way to get down is to close the panel, which, in turn, lower the railings. This ensures that the driver will never forget to lower the railings.

In addition to the added safety of the air railings, the feature is installed so that the truck itself will not be able to operate if the air railings are still raised. This helps to ensure that the truck isn’t accidentally moved or driven off while someone is still on top of the tank, which could be a serious safety risk. The railings will need to be lowered again in order for the truck to be moved or operated.

Not only do we have a number of different refined fuel tanker truck options to choose from, but you can customize it in a number of different ways. We recommend adding our air railing to drastically improve the safety of your truck. For more information about our refined fuel tankers or about safety features, such as the air railing, contact us at Amthor International today.