Missouri Valley Petroleum

“Missouri Valley Petroleum in Mandan, ND has purchased a dozen propane and fuel tanks mounted on International and Freightliner chassis from Amthor over the past year. These trucks need to be rugged, built for rough terrain and the field jobs they need to handle. And Amthor sure knows how to build trucks tough for the road ahead. “We like how Amthor beefs up a truck, makes sure it needs minimal down time for maintenance and repair,” explains Bud Kear, Field Support Manager with Missouri Valley Petroleum. “ With Amthor, we have no worries in the field.”

“We know that companies like Missouri Valley Petroleum need trucks that will perform and last,” says Brian Amthor. “We are honored to serve MVP, meet their specific needs and look forward to many years of a great relationship.” – Bud Kear, Field Support Manager with Missouri Valley Petroleum.



Craig & Bob Smith,
Engine and Accessory, Miami, Florida

“Engine & Accessory, founded in 1950, builds and assembles tank trucks for the refined fuel, heating oil, chemical transport, vacuum, and fire industries throughout the United States. Like Amthor, they are a multi-generational family-owned business. Owner, Robert Smith has worked with Butch Amthor for over 20 years and now, sons Craig and Brian continue the tradition and working relationship. In fact, Brian Amthor says, “Bob and Craig are more like family to the Amthors than business associates.”

“Like Engine & Accessory, Amthor is a large organization providing small company service and care. Craig says that it is important that he can work directly with owners Butch and Brian. The two firms collaborate to provide innovation to its mutual customers. For instance, they are currently working on a new tank truck design customized for the Canadian oilfield market. The bottom line? Engine & Accessory and Amthor have a history of working together to be customer driven and look forward to their future working relationship success!” – Craig Smith, Engine and Accessory, Miami, Florida.