After opening our doors in 1992 with fewer than three orders, Amthor International has become a leader in our industry not just for sales volume, but for quality and product innovations.

Butch Amthor with son, Brian Amthor

Today, with our worldwide distribution and sales network, you can go anywhere in the world and see an Amthor tank.

Located in an 86,000 square foot, state of the art manufacturing facility in Gretna, VA, Amthor International employs over 100 people, across two shifts. As a family owned and operated company, we take pride in each and every one of our products. That’s partly because every tank that rolls out of our facility bears the Amthor name.

Please take a moment to read about our exceptional products and the latest innovations we have worked into our current tanks. We manufacture tanks for a wide variety of industries including refined fuel, propane delivery, fire prevention, water/dust control, vacuum/septic, portable restroom, aviation refueling, and many more. In fact, if you’re looking for a tank truck for just about any industry, look to Amthor.

We also have a financing division, Horizon Capital Services.

At Amthor, we take great pride in designing, manufacturing and selling products that are made to work, made to last and made in  America. Rely on Amthor to exceed your expectations!


~ Butch Amthor

Photo of Butch Amthor with his son, Brian Amthor