The Cardinal: Customized for Every Need

The Cardinal refined fuel tank is the flagship model for the Amthor International refined fuel tank line. Available in five rear canopy styles — the Champion, Clipper, Classic, Classic II and the Combo — the Cardinal tank meets the needs of fuel customers no matter where they are located or the job they need to get done. “Over the years this product has evolved to where it is today,” explains Brian Amthor. “Each industry serviced by the Cardinal has its own special requirements that we work to meet; from aviation refueling to home heating oil to oilfield application — each industry’s needs are different from the other.” This is why Amthor will never be classified as a cookie-cutter manufacturer because we build and adapt our product to what the customer needs; we reinvent each and every day.

In addition to the different styles, the Cardinal offers numerous design options, such as tank material including aluminum, steel and stainless steel. We firmly believe as people change, markets change and as a supplier we need to change as well. If products didn’t change Ford would still be selling the Model T and the same goes for Amthor tank models!

We build tanks to exceed the operating conditions for which they are intended. For example, Amthor builds special tank features for all units that operate in the oilfield including thicker floors and extra internal supports. We even build tanks for non-air ride suspensions such as the Mack Camelback, which no other manufacturers offer. “My father’s adage is that the only “NO” in his vocabulary is “No Problem” which is something we proudly adhere to each and every day,” explains Brian Amthor.

Additionally, Amthor International offers numerous extra options on their tanks from cabinets to air railings to special overflow sensors, but this list is not exhaustive; if an option is not specified and a customer needs it, if it is doable Amthor will do it. “As the most diverse and largest truck mounted tank manufacturer in North America we didn’t get here by just pure luck, we got here by offering a great product and building it to exceed the customers expectations,” concludes Brian Amthor. Customers just need to let us know what they need. We are here to make it happen.

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