3 Steps to Clean Your Tank Truck

Is your tanker not shining like it was when you first purchased it? If so, it may be time to clean the exterior of your tank truck. Not sure where to begin? Keep reading for a 3-step touch-less method to cleaning a tanker.

Whether it’s your family-owned business or you are working for a larger company, your truck is a representation of your business. When your tanker is shining, not only will you represent your brand well, but you will attract more business as a result.

The best part about this process is that you don’t have to scrub with your hands— it is a touch-less method.

*It is best to clean the cab of your truck before you begin to clean the tank.*


To clean the tank…follow these steps: 

  1. Start with a foam cannon pressure washer. Apply a low pH detergent to the tank using the foam cannon. The low pH product will brighten the metallic tank. Apply the product from the BOTTOM of the tank to the TOP of the tank. Start at the front of the tank and work your way towards the back in small vertical sections.
    • (Side note: Foam cannon pressure washers are ideal when you are looking to mix in a detergent or cleaning chemicals. This type of washer produces thick suds at high and fast pressure making it easy to wipe any surface down without damaging it.)

2. Next, apply a high pH detergent directly on top of the low pH detergent. The high pH product attacks dirt, grease, and oils.

3. After about a minute of letting the detergents sit (do NOT let them dry), use warm water (about 100°F) from your pressure washer and rinse your tank truck from TOP TO BOTTOM! Maintain your high pressure nozzle within 2 feet of the surface and spray at an angle of about 45°.

Repeat these steps until you’re satisfied with your tank truck! Dirty tankers have a grimy haze to their surface, but a cleaned tanker will have a bright, shiny surface.

Once it’s shining, get back on the road and your business will certainly stand out!