Meet Carol Agee

Southeast Regional Sales Manager

In 2017, Carol Agee became the Southeast Regional Sales Manager with Amthor International. Carol helps customers analyze their needs to determine how to custom build and equip their new tank truck to help their business operate more efficiently. Carol also has stock tank trucks available for customers with urgent business needs.

Carol’s clients include independent business owners, small to large corporations, and business partners throughout her territory.

About Carol

Before devoting her work fulltime to Amthor International, Carol’s professional background is in communications and marketing. Carol, began her sales career as an Account Executive with WSLS, an NBC affiliate and later joined the sales team at the number one broadcast television station, WDBJ7, a CBS affiliate. In 2010 Carol was promoted to Local Sales Manager and, with new technology emerging, she took on a dual role as the Digital Sales Manager. Carol successfully lead the team to meet and exceed budget goals during a multitude of economic challenges. She was called upon for speaking engagements including Radford University, and many other business organizations to help them lead teams forward during downturns, a challenging economy and changing environments. She is certified with the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and numerous other certifications in the industry. In 2015, Carol was promoted to National Sales Manager. Carol devotes her energy and skills to customer focus needs and business growth strategies.

Carol is a native of Roanoke, VA where she enjoys kayaking, bike riding and being outdoors. She is married, a mother of three, and blessed with six grandchildren.

Carol says…

“Communication of any kind matters. The key is to draw people out, to let them know that you’re engaged. The way we communicate has consequences, here are a few points to be mindful when communicating.

Remember, less is more.

Everyone is busy, so always work to make every word you use meaningful and significant. Example “Let’s talk about this” consider “Let’s discuss”. This choice in words gives a better understanding the conversation will be an open dialogue. The phrase, “do YOU to talk with someone or do YOU talk AT someone”? Let people know you honor their time by being both sincere and brief.”


Come see Carol

Carol will be at the following trade shows in 2018

PACE Show – Kansas City, MO – February 22 – 24

NPGA Show – Atlanta, GA – April 6 – 8

Carol Agee • Southeast Regional Sales Manager

(540) 819-6224  

“The real truth for my success lies within learning from others and listening to what they need.”