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Amthor International, a fourth generation family-owned company, is the nation’s largest and most diverse manufacturer of tanker trucks. Amthor International products include tanks and accessories for the refined fuel, propane, vacuum and septic, portable restroom, water, well drilling, and construction industries. Amthor International is known as the tanker truck industry leader not only for sales volume, but also for product design and innovation and quality. 100% of Amthor tanks are made in the USA and manufactured in their 86,000 square foot facility in Gretna, Virginia. We take pride in every tanker truck we make because our products bear our family name. With a worldwide distribution and sales network, you can go anywhere in the world and see and Amthor tanker truck.


Starting as a blacksmith shop in 1928 in Ellenville, NY, this family owned company has evolved to employ over 100 people across two shifts and is continuously growing. Amthor International constantly strives to make cutting edge industry innovations including patents and improvements to existing products, improving employee training and education, and improving communication with customers through technology. The future of Amthor International includes an off site Train2Work employee training program, a full service leasing company, expanding into the aviation refueling market, expanding our ready to go stock tanker trucks, and creating programs with chassis manufacturers that allows us to purchase a large number of chassis at once for a discounted price and pass that savings on to our customers.

It’s easier than ever to stay in touch with Amthor International. Stay connected by downloading our latest Smartphone app and get fast access to information like stock tanker units for sale, warranty info, our full product line and much more! In addition to our app, customers, dealers, and distributors can now have real time access to their tank production schedule through Trello. See where your tanker is in the production line, estimated ship time, view photos and more! The new production schedule can be accessed online or downloaded as an app on any smartphone device. Amthor International also has a series of microsites for the refined fuel, vacuum, and propane tanker truck industries to give you direct and easy access to the information you need, right at your fingertips.

In addition to designing, manufacturing and marketing tanker trucks and parts that are made to work, made to last and made in America, Amthor International also helps clients with financing through Horizon Capital Services.

As a family owned and operated company, the Amthor family takes pride in each and every one of our products. That’s because every tank that rolls out of our facility bears the Amthor name. Butch and Brian Amthor are ready to help you with all your tanker truck needs; you can rely on Amthor.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to thoroughly understand and meet our global customers’ needs by employing expertise in design, engineering, customization, and customer service to build state-of-the-art tanks for the refined fuel, propane, portable restroom, water and specialty tank truck industries that increase efficiency, productivity, and make work easier.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be the worldwide leader and role model in the refined fuel, propane, portable restroom, water and specialty tank truck industries, helping to set the standards for excellence in design, engineering, sustainability, corporate responsibility, and service.


  • Butch-William-history1928: Amthor’s first opens its doors as Ed Amthor’s Blacksmith Shop in Ellenville, NY.
  • 1942: On Ed’s 75th birthday, he shoes his last horse. The blacksmith shop closes.
  • 1943: The company is passed down to Ed’s son, William Amthor, who moves the facility to Walden, NY where he has a small welding shop.
  • 1952: William relocates across the road. Amthor’s main product is farm machinery and truck equipment.
  • 1976: William retires, passes the torch to his son Arnold “Butch” Amthor, who already has 22 years experience working for the company with his father, and his wife Alice Amthor.
  • 1980: Butch and Alice take the company to new heights by innovative manufacturing methods and marketing numerous and varied products. During this time, Butch and Alice work together as President and Vice-President, respectively.
  • 1992: Amthor opens a 47,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Gretna, Virginia where we manufacture refined fuel delivery units, fire tankers, water trucks and much more.
  • 1998: Amthor adds a 10,000 square foot addition to house their newly-revamped propane tank delivery line. The company brings its fourth generation into the company — David and Brian Amthor. David Amthor works in the New York facility as the company’s general manager. Brian heads up the marketing, sales, and public relations end of the business.
  • 1999: Amthor Incorporated is now the largest tank truck manufacturer in North America and number two in the entire world.
  • 2000: Amthor now has numerous distributors and dealers throughout North America and the Caribbean and that number is growing rapidly.
  • 2001: As an internationally-renowned corporation, Amthor has built products for countless companies across six continents, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Europe, Australia
  • 2004: Amthor opens W.M. Amthor Trucking Company to deliver all of their manufactured products.
  • 2005: Amthor opens Amthor AutoWorx, their Automotive Customization and Accessory Headquarters division.
  • 2006: Amthor opens Horizon Capital Services to offer full financing packages to our customers as part of our ONE stop program with Brian Amthor as President
  • 2010: Amthor teams with International Tanks/Navistar to form the North American Specialized/Amthor tank program for the USA and Canada
  • 2011: Amthor teams with Hino on United Sates Tank Program
  • 2012: Amthor teams with UD Trucks North America on United States Tank Program, builds an 8,000 square foot addition to Greta facility, adds 50 additional job
  • 2013: Amthor launches first Iphone/Android app
  • 2014:  Amthor International introduces their very first magazine, Amthor Experience
    Amthor International introduces their new (Patent Pending) hydraulic rear door opener for their vacuum tanks called “The Claw”
  • 2015: Amthor teams up with Virginia Technical Institute to create Amthor University, a 4-6 week long off – site training program for new employees consisting of various workshops for each production role.
  • 2016: Amthor initiates a large scale rebranding project to update identity and technology platform to better serve customers.

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